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Along Came a Spider - more pictures of my favourite arachnid

More pictures of my eight-legged friend, who displayed marvellous patience in the face of my flash.

Orb Weaver

Of course, taking pictures at close range in the dark gives you next to no depth of field - about half the width of a spider, thus the foreground of fore-legs.

Orb Weaver

This one shows the four forelegs (sounds silly when you say it out loud), including the not-exactly-knee joints (arthro-pod means 'jointed-leg' so these must be arthropoda. I think that's the phylum, but my taxonomy is very rusty.) and those wonderful bristles on the legs which seem to be a hallmark of the Araneus family. That and making big, wire-strong bicycle-wheel webs of course - hence the name 'orb-weavers'.

Orb Weaver

I jiggered the focus here a touch to bring out the typical 'diadem' pattern. I give you Araneus Diadematus.

If you don't like spiders, don't look at the BIG one!

Or the 2012 model.

Hastings Pier - with guest pictures by Jiminy Lumix.


Church Tower.

Last of the Summer (whine).

Among the Ruins.

Gone Fishin'.

Along Came A Spider.




The Harveys Brewery.

The Graingel.

Sunset on Trees.

Average Sized Redwood?

Dark skies.

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