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Along Came a Spider - a biggun!

I've a deal of uncertainty about this one. I first saw her moving up the web carrying what looked like a ping-pong ball. On closer inspection the ball WAS the spider. I realised that she was gravid (full of eggs) but, by 'eck she was big!

Orb Weaver . . . certainly not a COMMON one!

I nosed around Google and decided that she was either a record-breaker . . . or not a Diadematus after all.

Typical diadem marking?

I spoke to fairly-local expert Dr Legg who opined that she was probably an 'unusually large' Diadematus, made larger by being egg-bound . . . or possibly a Quadratus. He also suggested moving her away from the front door, which I decided against for two reasons:

Note the four large holes on the abdomen

Firstly, she was very large, heavy and unaerodynamic, so I worried that if she made a run for it and dropped to the ground she might split her carapace, which would probably be fatal.

Secondly they eat their own webs (and we thought that recycling was our idea) and I would be depriving her of the protein invested. They were my excuses, anyway!

Quadratus perhaps?

I'd already noticed she was rather pallid, lacking the strong brown/orange colour that I would expect. In daylight you can see a definite green colouring along her flanks, which is what lead to the suggestion of Quadratus. The four holes on the abdomen are usually larger on Quadratus, although you can clearly see them on Diadematus.

Hastings Pier - with guest pictures by Jiminy Lumix.


Church Tower.

Last of the Summer (whine).

Among the Ruins.

Along Came A Spider.

Gone Fishin'.




The Harveys Brewery.

The Graingel.

Sunset on Trees.

Average Sized Redwood?

Dark skies.

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